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Current List of VoComp Teams

Listed in order of sign up

The Prêt-à-Voter Battle Bus

University of Surrey

Advisor: Steve Schneider (UniS)

Team Leader: James Heather (UniS)

Team Members:

  • James Heather
  • Steve Schneider
  • Roger Peel
  • Peter Ryan
  • David Lundin
  • Xia Zhe (Joson)

Team Description: A collaboration between UniS and Newcastle, involving four academics and two PhD students.


The Voting Ducks

Wroclaw University of Technology

Advisor: Miroslaw Kutylowski (WUT)

Team Leader: Filip Zagorski (WUT)

Team Members:

  • Joanna Boron
  • Zbigniew Golebiewski
  • Mateusz Karolak
  • Marek Klonowski
  • Michal Koza
  • Anna Lauks
  • Filip Zagorski

Team Description: We would like to implement a system which is a modification of:

  1. Marek Klonowski, Miroslaw Kutylowski, Anna Lauks, Filip Zagorski A Practical Voting Scheme with Receipts The 8th Information Security Conference (ISC '05), Singapore, September 2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol. 3650/2005 p. 490-497
  2. Miroslaw Kutylowski, Filip Zagorski Coercion-Free Verifiable Internet Voting Workshop on Electronic Government and Electronic Voting, Edinburgh, UK, February 2006 (manuscript, scheme which is also applicable for the voting at the polling station)


Prime III

Auburn University

Advisor: Juan E. Gilbert

Team Leader: E. Vincent Cross, II

Team Members:

  • Ernest V. Cross
  • Indogesit Mkpong-Ruffin
  • Yolanda McMillian
  • Priyanka Gupta
  • Philicity Williams
  • Kathryn Nobles
  • Gregory Rogers
  • Ken Rouse
  • Jerome McClendon
  • Winfred Mitchell
  • Jamare Lane
  • Harold Blunt

Team Description: We are a team of 3 undergraduate and 9 graduate students in the Human Centered Computing Lab, http://www.humancenteredcomputing. org, at Auburn University.

Our voting system is called Prime III. The name Prime III was chosen because Prime stands for premier voting system. In addition, Prime III uses a multimodal user interface where voters can casts their votes using touch, speech or both.



George Washington University/University of Ottawa/University of Maryland Baltimore County

Advisor: Jonathon R. Stanton (GWU)

Team Leader: Aleks Essex (uOttawa)

Team Members:

  • Aleks Essex (uOttawa)
  • Jeremy Clark (uOttawa)
  • Stefan Popoveniuc (GWU)
  • Richard T. Carback III (UMBC)

Team Description: This group is made up of the original members who did implementation for the programming of the punchscan voting system. The submission is the punchscan voting system as described here: