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University student elections offer a focused setting for engaging students in nationally important, state-of-the-art security and privacy research projects and course work. Annual competitions motivate students to team, innovate, plan, implement, analyze, and present their achievements in a competitive and professional manner. Courses can benefit by tying into the competitions and using the materials and accumulated experiences. The result should be spirited innovation in election system technology, positively affecting students and election systems.

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Download the VoComp Flyer [PDF] or Printable VoComp Flyer [PDF]

VoComp Competition

October 2006 -- July 2007

Student teams will design, implement, and demonstrate election systems. Five finalist teams will be invited to the finals, held July 16-18, 2007, in Portland, Oregon. The competition is open to any college or university team in the world. All finalists and prizes will be selected by the Judges, including the best voting system which will receive a $10,000 prize from ES&S!

VoComp Conference

July 16-18, 2007, Portland Oregon

Presentations and demonstrations of research on voting system technologies by team competitors, invited speakers, and anyone--competitively selected by the Program Committee. Presentations include descriptions of the competing systems, attacks on the competing systems, metrics for evaluating voting systems, and demonstrations of other voting technology. Prizes include best presentation, best attack, and best paper on voting system metrics.